Your Initial Session: What you can expect.

It is normal to feel nervous and a bit uncomfortable when you come in for your first session. We understand that.

Our first responsibility is to make you feel welcome and so you can expect to be greeted by a friendly and open person. Please let us know if you have any needs or concerns. (For example. A need to use the washroom, or, to take a moment to collect yourself because of a busy or stressful time prior to arriving.)

You will be invited into one of our comfortable treatment rooms where you will be seated.

Our clinicians are trained to engage and listen. You can expect to be attended to in a non-threatening way, as you explain the circumstances that have brought you to our door. Our goal is to create a safe and reassuring relationship with our client that increases trust and an ability to be open with one another.

As we move through your history, sharing your trials or pleasures, you will feel a load being lifted. Collaboratively, we will travel down the paths of your experience uncovering how things have affected you and finding significance in events that seemed random and meaningless.

Time flies when you’re in a counselling chair. Before you know it, it’s time to go out to the world and back to “reality” to practice your strategies with new insights and perceptions.

As you leave the building you will notice that the world looks familiar and yet something has changed.

Do I feel lighter? Am I feeling encouraged, perhaps even optimistic?

We hope so.


We’re looking forward to meeting with you.



Jennifer and Larry