We all have the innate wisdom to become fully empowered in our lives, it is as close as our next breath.

Counselling is a learning process that can support you in :

  • Strengthening your ability to form healthy relationships
  • Enhancing your ability to communicate effectively

Experiencing new perspectives and releasing blocks

  • Initiating change
  • Noticing where self-sabotage is occurring
  • Goal-setting and developing accountability

When you deeply engage in the counselling process, and go beyond problem solving, a long-term relationship with a compatible counselor can help you explore your own psyche:

  • Transforming unproductive habits, beliefs and patterns
  • Healing inter-generationally transmitted trauma
  • Reconnecting you to your deepest source of creativity
  • Exploring and integrating all aspects of yourself
  • Addressing trauma, grief or anger from past or present situations
  • Developing more passion in your life
  • Strengthening your spiritual connection

Good psychotherapy provides a place to safely express fears and anxieties, and to strengthen your emotional responses to them. It can help you take charge of your life, and deal with daily problems. As a result of therapy, you feel less alone, less victimized, and more able to cope with life. You discover the capacity to express yourself creatively and confidently.

To learn more about how counselling or psychotherapy may help you, please contact Jennifer Sprague at 705-741-5223, email her at or Larry McMechan at 705-772-7443, email him at